PROTEM has been offering products services at its factory located in Esenyurt,İstanbul. High technology machineries equipped by BRADBURY GROUP-HAYES INTERNATIONAL, professional production and installation teams directed by a
dynamic and professional staff, and high quality products makes the company
one of the world leaders in its field of activity.

The company uses the knowledge and expertise of 35 years in heat, sound and fire insulation and metal roof cladding for providing better services to its customers.

PROTEM continues this important mission by integrating its activities of noise control on insulated or uninsulated roofs and fire prevention at industrial facilities, with technological developments.

Today, there is much effort to maintain the sustainability of the environment by protecting both the human and the environment and providing suitable workplace conditions, which is the most important factor in increasing personnel and business efficiency.

As soon as you see between the partners and indicates that we would be happy to work with you.

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Our company is represented
organizations and associations
: Istanbul Chamber of Industry
: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
: Turkish Acoustical Society
: Istanbul Chamber of Trade Board of the Environment